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Cash app direct deposit features (Detailed Information)

With the growing demand there is immense growth in the users of Cash app since the application started providing new features in specific “Cash app direct deposit”. Direct deposit service is active and running successfully on its platform.

If you want to know the basics of direct deposits on Cash app then read on below.

What is direct deposit on Cash app?

Direct deposit is a feature that help users to receive direct paycheck from the employer or U.S. tax department directly on Cash app wallet.

With Cash app every user gets his routing and account number, using your unique account and routing number, you can ask payee for direct deposit to your Cash app account.

The user needs to update the bank account number and the process of activation takes a few days. You also have to wait for 2-3 days for your paycheck. 

How to use your account and routing number for direct deposit? 

While setting up for direct deposit you should have your bank’s routing number and personal account number. The routing and account number are more like a customer ID. These numbers are assign to indicate exactly where your funds are coming from and going to. 

Moreover, the user needs to activate the cash card to enable the direct deposit option. After activation the limit to receive is up to $25000 per direct deposit and $50000 in 24 hours. 

After the activation of Cash Card, user can see the new account and routing number. Follow the steps provided below to use your bank account and routing number.

  • Open Cash app and login to your account.
Open Cash app
  • Click on the Banking tab on your Cash app home screen. 
Banking tab
  • Below your balance, you will find the routing and account number, copy the account number and routing number. 
Routing number

How to enable Direct deposit in Cash App? 

To enable the direct deposit follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Login Cash app on your hand phone.
Open Cash app
  • Click on the Banking tab placed at the home screen. 
Banking tab on Cash app
  • Tap on the “Deposits & Transfers” option. 
Deposit option on Cash app
  • Click on “Get Direct Deposit form”. 
Steps to enable deposit on Cash app (5)
  • Fill the form and enter the amount you would like to deposit from each paycheck. 
Steps Qto enable deposit on Cash app (6)

Note: User will get the online Cash App bank name and address for enabling direct deposit through routing number. 

Why did Quick deposit fail on Cash App? 

It has been noticed that most of the users are making use of quick deposits instead of financial banks. It is okay to use a quick deposit; however, sometimes the payment fails and cash gets stuck in between. 

So, in this section we have listed below some of the prime reasons that would assist you in resolving the issue by yourself.

Some of the reasons why direct deposit fails: 

Quick fix
  1. Limit of transfer- The limit of direct transfer in a day is $10000. In case you want to receive amounts more than $10000, then you should request your sender to send separate payments on different days. 
  2. Poor internet- Each payment application requires stable internet connection to perform smoothly. 
  3. Server- Occasionally issues can arise from bank server. 
  4. Balance- There can be insufficient balance in the account of the sender. 
  5. Update- Sometime old version too can result in transfer fail.


We hope this blog helped you in learning the steps of enabling the direct deposit option to receive paycheck and funds. To enable deposit feature the most important step is verification of the user.

Kindly click here is you want to learn Cash app verification to learn the process of verification.


What is the name of Cash App direct deposit bank? 

The name is Lincoln Savings Bank and it offers innovative and secure banking solutions. 

Can I get a direct deposit on Cash App without a Bank account? 

Yes, the user can receive the amount in their Cash App Wallet; however, it is mandatory to connect their payment card or cash card on the Cash App.

How much time does Cash App direct deposit take?

Cash app generally receives the direct deposit in 1-5 business days. It may take a longer time depending upon the bank.