How to Delete Cash App History (Get Detailed Information updated)

Do you want to delete Cash app history? If your answer is yes then please note that it is not possible to alter your Cash app history due to security reasons. You cannot delete or remove the transactions from Cash App once it is processed. 

As per our research team users are searching “Why there is no possible way to delete Cash app history”. In this article, we have gathered some indirect solutions for the issue.

How can I delete my Cash App history?

Same like your bank account statement, you cannot edit nor delete your Cash App history. You cannot alter one particular transaction of the history but you can delete all the transaction of your history by deleting your cash app account. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to delete your Cash App account

  • Log in to your Cash App account using a computer or personal device. 
Steps to check routing number (3)
  • Click on the Profile tab available at the top right corner of Cash app home screen.
Steps to connect customer support on Cash app (2)
  • Move to the “Support” option. 
Cash app support
  • Scroll down and click “Something Else” option. 
Steps to connect customer support on Cash app (3)
  • Once you are at the Something else page you will find the option of “Account Settings” click on the same.
Steps to delete cash app account (1)
  • Now under account settings page click on the last option “Close Your Cash App account”.
Steps to delete cash app account (1)
  • At the bottom of the next page, you will find the option to “Confirm” click on the same. 
Steps to delete
  • You will receive an email regarding the closure of your Cash App account. 

Why can’t I delete or edit my Cash App history?

We have mentioned two most important reasons on why users cannot edit or delete their Cash app history as follows:

1. Security terms – Cash app terms and conditions are similar to the industry norms. To achieve the PCI-DSS Level 1 certification is tough and this is the only security certification that can be achieve by following certain parameters from a global forum.  The PCI DSS does not allow users to alter the transaction history from the Cash App account. 

Cash app security

2. Financial report  Cash application maintain records of every money transaction to resolve any dispute that may arise in future. Cash App payment history helps an individual to check and prepare for expense budget every month is the one of the reason why users cannot alter their Cash app history. 

Financial security


It is clear that you cannot alter history on your Cash app account. We have listed the reasons in brief which will help you gain more knowledge on the subject.

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What happens if I delete my Cash App account?  

After your confirmation, the Cash App account will be deleted. Your $Cashtag (Cash App user ID) will no longer exist. No one will be able to send you money, even if they will try, the error page will pop up. 

Can Cash App transactions be traced?

No, the Cash App transactions cannot be traced. All the transaction history is private by default. 

Can you reverse the Cash App transaction? 

You cannot cancel Cash App to Cash App transactions, as they are direct.

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