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Resolve QR Scanner issue on Cash App

Introduction of the topic:- Fix QR Scanner on Cash app

QR Scanner is the new payment mode on Cash App where users can make the payment using the QR code. It has been noticed that users are facing issues while using QR scanners on cash app. We have gathered information on how to fix QR Scanner and what are the reasons for issues faced. 

How can I fix QR Scanner on Cash App Pay?

To fix QR Scanner on Cash app pay follow below mentioned points:

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Internet connectivity- Cash App works online. Check your internet connectivity before running the application. Moreover, the issue may also arise if the internet speed is poor, in that case, switch OFF and ON your internet connection and try again.

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Device issue- Continuous usage of the device makes the performance slow and leading to background failure of the application. Usage of devices for more than 24 hours can create hurdles in running some applications smoothly. To fix the issue, restart your device. Restarting the device stops the unwanted applications running in the background.  

Force Stop the application- Force stop will prevent the application from updating instantly. Follow below mentioned steps to force stop the application: 

  • Find Cash App on your device. Long press the icon and click on “App Info”.
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  • At the bottom of the page click on Force stop and then click OK.

Repeat the installation- You can download the app once again in default settings. Remove the old application and reinstall the same. 


The reasons for QR Code Scanner on Cash App not working is mainly due to slow internet connectivity. Moreover, it is recommended to use the updated version of Cash App to have a smooth experience. 

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Why is QR Code Scanner not working? 

It can be due to your mobile camera. You may also find trouble scanning the code if it is tilted at an angle. Do not hold the phone too close or too far from the code. 

How can I let my QR Scanner work? 

Open the QR code reader on your phone and position the device camera clearly on the QR Code. After successful placement, the phone will automatically scan the QR Code. 

Why is Cash App not letting to scan my ID? 

Before scanning make sure that both your mobile device and application are up-to-date. Still, if it is not working follow the solutions mentioned in this article. 

How to fix if my QR scanner on Cash App Pay not working? 

To fix the QR scanner check the internet connectivity. You need to restart your device. Moreover, you can also reinstall the application. Lastly, always use the updated version of the application in order to avoid any issues.