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Can I load Cash Card at Walmart?

No, loading Cash card at Walmart is not possible; however, there is an alternate way to add Cash. Moreover, we would like to inform you Cash app balance and cash card balance means the same.

Cash App is now a great online destination for US and UK users. Company has improved its platform in a great way to provide the facilities to the users with respect to digital payments.

Before knowing about loading the Cash Card at Walmart using an alternate way, let us understand what Walmart actually is. 

Walmart is one of the leading multinational retail organizations and one of the biggest discount store dealers. It is involve in selling a wide range of electronics and domestic products in huge quantities and digital payment cards. 

Why I am not able to load a Cash card at Walmart?

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This is because Walmart has a list of supported Debit cards and Cash App card is not listed as it is not a prepaid card but a digital payment card sponsored by Cash app. You may find a lot of articles guiding you about visiting to Walmart Stores and getting the cash loaded in Cash App card, however, it is not possible to add money on Cash app at Walmart.

We have provided an alternate option for you to load Cash on your Cash App card.  

Alternate ways to add money on Cash app?

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 Use debit card to add money

  • The first way to add money on Cash App Cash Card is by reloading it on its own. You can add money on your own by connecting your bank to the application. 

Activate and use Walmart’s Money Card

  • If you want to add money on Cash app using Walmart money card, you will have to activate the same before adding it; since Cash app supports Govt. enabled card only.

Note: The service fees for reloading the card is $3. The user has to purchase the Walmart Rapid Reload card and get it loaded from any nearby Walmart stores. 

Ask acquaintance to transfer money

  • Another way to add money to your Cash Card is by requesting a relative to make the transfer. You have to give the desired amount to your friend or relative offline and send them the transfer request. After accepting the request, they can transfer the amount from their Cash App to your Cash App. Some conditions that are mandatory for them to make the successful transfer: 
  1. The relative has to be the user of Cash App. 
  2. They need to have a verified Cash App account. 

As you may have questions about Walmart’s money card; therefore, we are mentioning some of the most frequent asked questions in the next section. 

Can online transfer be possible at Walmart? 

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No, Walmart’s money card cannot be loaded online directly using credit or debit card; however, the user can generate a payment code for adding the amount from Walmart’s application, which he will have to pay at Walmart’s store to get the service done.

What are the benefits of using Walmart money card? 

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There are several benefits however we have mentioned the most important of them:

  • Walmart offers fraud protection services. 
  • The user can send money orders and get paper checks. 
  • With this card, a user can send and receive money anywhere in the U.S.
  • Cashback rewards are also applicable by shopping at Walmart. 

What is the fees for loading Cash using Walmart? 

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The MoneyCard will cost around $1.00 to buy and the card has monthly service fees of $5.94 (Waivable Fees). The monthly service fees can be waived off if the amount of loading is around $1000 or more on the card in a month. Cash reloading at Walmart will cost you around $3.00 at Walmart Stores. 


Loading Cash at Cash Card using Walmart is not possible as Cash Card is not a prepaid card. The question has multiple debatable answers but in actual it is not possible. Lastly, in this article, we have provided you with alternatives to transfer the money on Cash Card. 


How to get a Walmart Money card? 

You can buy it at any Walmart’s store or use the online service of Walmart. 

Can I get a Walmart money card on my doorstep?

For having the Walmart MoneyCard at your doorstep, visit Walmart MoneyCard site. The applicant will get the card through the mail in 7-10 working days. 

What store can I use to load my walmart debit Card? 

You can visit Walmart to load your money card.

Can we load a Cash App card at Walmart? 

No, Cash Card is not a debit card. Walmart has a list of approved cards and Cash Card is not among them as it is a prepaid card.

Which type of card can I load at Walmart?

You can load debit cards of Green dots, Paypal, Walmart’s Money Card, Amex Serve and Netspend at Walmart stores.