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Reset Cash App Card PIN ? No worries change PIN in 2 Minutes

Reset cash app card pin along with a good user experience, Cash app has provided an added layer of security and protection to keep the data confidential and safe. Since the integration of the Cash app is majorly used on mobile devices, therefore every time a user needs to enter the PIN or use the Touch ID to login the account.

This article has gathered information on How to change pin number on Cash app card and what steps to take if you forgot Cash app card pin number.

How to Reset your Cash App card PIN?

Before revealing the steps, one important thing you should know is that Cash App PIN and Cash App Card PIN are the same PIN. Follow the steps provided below to understand how can you reset the PIN on Cash App:

  • Open the Cash App on your PC, laptop or handy device.
Steps to reset cash app pin (1)
  • Tap on the profile icon present at the upper right corner of the screen.
Steps to reset cash app pin (2)
  • Tap on the option of “Privacy and Security.
Steps to reset cash app pin (3)
  • Click on the option “Change Cash PIN”.
Steps to reset cash app pin (4)
  • Enter the old PIN to access the new enter PIN page.
Steps to change cash app pin (1)
  • Enter the new PIN.
Steps to change cash app pin (2)
  • Enter the new PIN again to confirm the changes.
Steps to change cash app pin (3)

When to Reset your Cash App PIN? (Important Note)

The Cash App will never remind you to change the PIN therefore you have to be aware and reset your Cash app PIN to keep your money safe and secure.

Following are the situations where you can change your Cash App PIN:

  1. In case you shared your PIN with someone and don’t want them to access your account again for further use. Then in this case you need to change your PIN.
  2. If you forget your existing PIN code.
  3. Few times Cash App prompts an incorrect PIN even though the PIN is correct. In this case, you may change your PIN and safely log in to your Cash app account.

Why Reset the Cash App PIN?

  • If you want your data to be secured and safe, you should consider changing your PIN before 6 months in case if you use your app continuously to make payments.
  • The chances of disclosure of your account details are less if you reset your PIN.

Conclusion: –

This article shared detailed information on how to change pin on Cash app card and why you should consider changing it. With the steps provided above, you can recover your Cash App PIN in case you forget it. With the recovered PIN, you can make payments and transfers again.


What is a Cash App card PIN?

Cash App card PIN is a 4 digit code consisting of a numerical figure. The user needs to enter the PIN code every time while making any sort of transaction on the Cash App.

Can I use my Cash App card without a PIN?

No, you cannot use your Cash App card without the PIN. You have to enter the PIN on the transfer page to complete the transaction.

Does the Cash App card ask for a PIN?

Yes, a Cash app card once linked to your Cash App will ask for the PIN. That Pin will be used every time while making transactions using the Cash App.

Can I share my Cash App PIN with anyone?

No, you should not share your financial information to anyone, since it will work as a blank Cheque.