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How to unlock Cash App Borrow feature ?

Cash App is providing a way to get short-term loans as they have updated a feature on its platform named Cash App borrow. Cash App initially tested the feature with around 1000 users. 

Although, Cash app has uplifted this feature without disclosing the reason and there was no report was published on testing feature’s performance.

So, at this moment we cannot omit or predict much more about this feature; although, we have concluded auxiliary pointers for the same.

How to borrow money on Cash app?

At present Cash app has disabled the feature however earlier to borrow money through application users followed the below mentioned steps :

Steps used earlier:-

  • Once logged in to respective Cash app account users looked for the Banking tab.
Auxiliary (3)_1_11zon
  • Banking option was clicked.
Cash app borrow steps (1)
  • Earlier users used to see the Borrow feature on the below mentioned screen.
Cash app Borrow (AC)
  • To unlock the feature users clicked on the option.
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What was the feature of Cash app borrow?

This Cash App feature is no longer available. The concept was under testing. Moreover, the feature wasn’t available for everyone. There were few things on Cash App Borrow that a user should know. 

Cash App offers loans for any amount lying between $20 to $200. Users had to pay back the loan in four weeks. Cash App earlier charged a flat fee of 5% that was multiplied over the year. Users had to pay fees also along with the loan amount. 

In case at that time if the user fail to pay the loan after four weeks, Cash App provided a one-week grace period. If the user failed to repay the amount even after the grace days were over, then Cash App added 1.25% (non-compounding) interest every week. 

Moreover at that time if was not possible as users couldn’t’ took any additional loan if the previous loan defaulted. 

Can anyone apply for the loan through this feature? 

If the feature is put in motion from Cash App, they will provide it to the handful of potential users only. Moreover, it will pick a handful users based on balance, creditworthiness, and account spending activity maintains a good Cash App balance, etc.


Like any other loan, users could have used borrow feature easily. If this feature gets launched in the future, we recommend users to read Terms and Conditions, disclaimer, guidelines, safety, and security features.

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Can Cash App borrow reports to the credit business? 

Yes, this feature may report your account information to credit bureaus. Moreover, late payments missed payments, or other defaults will be reflected in your credit report. 

Can I use the overdraft facility in Cash App?

Yes, the Cash App balance can go negative. Moreover, no overdraft fee is charged from Cash App. This is considered one of the best parts of the Cash App. Also, they do not charge any penalty or interest over the overdraft amount. 

For how long money can sit in Cash App? 

If the recipient doesn’t accept the money within 14 days, the transfer will expire.